Jobs at Roscoe Village Bikes


W e are always on the lookout for friendly, skilled people to join our crew.  Roscoe Village Bikes’ experienced staff work hard to represent our core values:

1. Customer Experience:

            We strive to provide exceptional service to our customers by being good listeners and problem solvers. 

2.  Quality Work:

            We stand behind the quality of our repair and bike assembly work by providing free repair estimates and offering customers multiple solutions.  We follow procedures, test-ride bikes, have mechanic double-checks and ask for help when needed.  We guarantee our work for 30 days and offer free service checks on new bikes.

3.  Teamwork:

            We are friendly, kind and supportive to one another.  We share responsibilities and ask for help when needed. 

4.  Striving to be the best:

            We can always learn new things and improve.  We never settle for being good enough.  We strive to get better all the time by seeking out new information, practicing and learning. 

5.  Celebrating bikes:

            Whether it’s racing, commuting or repairing we believe in the importance of the bike as a tool for transportation, competition and recreation.   We want to know how bikes work and how they can work for riders.  Passion for bikes is important and we look to the past and the future for inspiration.

If you’re interested or would like more information please e-mail us your resume and request an application.


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